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As many of you know, I have had an affiliation with Radio America for the past two years as a producer. Radio America is a conservative news/talk network which distributes Doug Stephan, G. Gordon Liddy and Roger Hedgecock among others.

The American Studies Center, the parent ogranization of Radio America, has launched a new effort to fight the fairness doctrine. is getting the message out about what the powerful leaders in the logic free zone are planning.

Remember my argument against a bill in the Maryland General Assembly that attempted to silence the voice of those who are against abortion. This is the same thing on a grander scale. The White House, democrats in congress and some on the Federal Communications Commission are trying to silence those who do not agree with their ideas, policies and/or beliefs (despite the fact that it’s an assault on the first amendment.)

Visit to find out more information about the fairness doctrine and why you should speak out AGAINST it.

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