TXT ban is snf

I never thought I would be saying this about a safety bill, but the bill that is making it’s way to the House of Delegates, banning people from text messaging while driving, is one of the dumbest bills that I have seen and should be defeated.

While text messaging is a definite danger while driving, I would have liked this bill to address talking while holding a cell phone as well. As I observed going into work this afternoon, a gentleman in Kenilworth Avenue was going well below the posted speed limit in DC because he was holding a cell phone. What he was doing was very much illegal in DC.

I find it amazing that for two years, legislators balked at the idea of banning hand held cell phones while driving, with one legislator proposing to ban GPS systems as well. However, they are more than willing to ban text messaging while driving. That is ridiculous, especially if you own a smartphone, like I do, where the numbers are apart of the keyboard.

Overall, I do not know if people can distinguish between texting and dialing a number. I think before the House gets ahead of itself, I think they should look at the other danger on the road, hand held cell phone conversations.

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