The Vulnerable Frank Kratovil

How vulnerable is freshman Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-MD)?  Not half as vulnerable as he, and his pals in the media would have you believe.

Sure, common sense dictates that Kratovil will have some tough sledding in 2010.  The First District has historically gone Republican since the early 1960’s.  However, less than two months into his term, Kratovil and the DCCC are doing all they can to make sure that Flip-Flop Frank will get over the hump in 2010 so that his Democrat pals in the Maryland legislature can gerrymander a nice safe seat for 2012 (and beyond).

If you follow congressional seats around the country you will quickly find that this disingenuous stab at fooling the voters isn’t limited to Maryland’s 1st congressional district.  The DCCC, along with their pals in the media, are playing this game all over the country.  Merely insert name of Congressman X here.

Frank Kratovil is working hard for the people of his district.  He is taking THEIR concerns to Washington.  Damn the national party, he’s looking out for the people back home.  This is one side of the argument, as represented by an article in this mornings Daily Times.

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Ironically, while driving home from picking up the Sunday papers I heard the latest incarnation of the other side of the DCCC / Kratovil / Congressman X argument:

While “principled” Democrats (meaning Democrats in GOP leaning districts) voted against the Obama / Pelosi PORKULUS bill (or in Kratovil’s case voted against it and then voted for it), those cynical, evil Republcians are voting against it only to claim that they were right if PORKULUS fails to do all that it promises.

More on the Vulnerable Frank Kratovil below the fold

Now, there is a touch of validity to this part of the argument.  There are undoubtedly GOP members of the House and Senate who only voted against the bill because they believe it will be politically beneficial.  As I have noted time and again, I hope those members (including several in the leadership) are run out of town prior to any switch to a GOP majority.  In fact, at least those members in the leadership will need to go (or at least lose their leadership posts) before we will be able to win a majority.  Fortunately, I do not believe (nor is there any evidence) that the majority of GOP House members voted on this bill for political expediency (the Senate may be a little more up in the air).

We need to remember that no matter how bad things get with the economy, the media will be changing their tune from:

“worst economy since the Great Depression”

to either:

“Happy Days are here again”


“the Obama / Democrat stimulus has turned the economy around and things are improving.

The timing on this will merely depend on when they get their cue from our great advocate of HOPE and CHANGE.

Regardless, the DCCC will be continuing some form of this little dance throughout this election cycle; and it’s a fairly intricate dance.  As even Kratovil has admitted, consistenly voting against the radically left wing leadership of his own caucus could lead to punishment.  This was one of the reasons he gave for his flip-flop on the PORKULUS bill.  While they realize that they have to get through re-districting in order to assure a more permanent Democrat majority, the Pelosi crowd wants to start raising the hammer and sickle above the Capitol now.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised.  The Democrat leadership should know that Frank Kratovil will carry all the water they want him to – after they get him a safe seat.  Frank Kratovil isn’t a liberal, he isn’t even a moderate (unless you use my definition – “one who beleives in nothing”).  Frank Kratovil is an opportunist.  So, expect Flip-Flop Frank to insert the terms “Blue Dog” and “fiscally responsible” at least a dozen times into any interview he gives between now and November, 2010.

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