Take the Hint

So it looks like once again the School Board Nominating Commission is trying to hunt and peck to find people to apply for the School Board.

But can you really blame people for not wanting to be part of this convoluted, undemocratic process? A process that the School Board Nominating Commission has decided should avoid public input at all costs and hide their deliberations from the public? A system that is subjected to a highly politicized process that puts the decision in the hands of a Governor who bypasses a qualified candidate in order to appoint an unregistered Democratic lobbyist who gets “re-elected” in a sham election that gives people no real choices.

Yeah, I wonder why nobody wants to sign up for this gig.

What’s even more ridiculous is the fact that O’Malley Flunky Commission Chairman Joshua Greene wants to push back the application deadline, seemingly just for the hell of it;

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“Applications are due April 1,” said Joshua Greene, commission chairman. “What we may do is push back the application deadline.”

That’s great. Give people who couldn’t submit their applications by a set deadline another opportunity to not submit their applications by a set deadline. Fantastic.

Can we please have our School Board elections now so we don’t have to play any more games with the education of our County’s children?


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