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Salisbury Mayor & Bloggers: The Bloggers Respond

Bloggasm has a quick story where Simon Owens interviews a couple of the bloggers, including Kenneth Burns.

My thoughts on the matter are here.

I am not surprised at the differing viewpoints. But let’s face it, if a town or city wants to control its image, it needs to be talking to bloggers, not blaming them for every little slight out there.

Even after reading the comments by Joe Albero, I still stand by the notion that painting all bloggers as bad for local politics is too simplistic. I don’t know the details of Albero’s particular beef with Mayor Tilghman, and I don’t really need to. The last time I checked (and it may have changed), there is still a freedom of the press and a freedom of speech in this country (including Salisbury). While Albero’s beef may have started out as personal, the fact that he still blogs about Salisbury politics means that Albero cares about his town–and isn’t that worthwhile?

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