Refuge Podcast # 67 – Where the Money Went, Now we Know

The original podcast covering conservative, Republican politics in Maryland is back with a hard-hitting report follow-up report on the Citizens for Better Government detailing where the money went. You can listen to this controversial report by clicking here:

I predicted that these statements would also be proven false when the group issued its 2009 campaign finance report.

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As we detail, I was more right then I knew.

You need to listen to the details of the group’s report that shows that they raised only a small fraction of what they claimed, lost nearly $30,000 last year, spent over $40,000 in fundraising expenses, nearly $10,000 in legal fees and have only a tenth of the money they claimed without reporting a single dollar in contributions to candidates or the Republican Party.

Listen in for all the details of this scandal!

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

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