Next Job Up

So, County Councilman Josh Cohen is running for Mayor of Annapolis. Cohen though seems to have a pretty disturbing trend happening when it comes to holding office and failing to finish what he starts.

Cohen was elected as an Annapolis Alderman in 2001 and the re-elected in 2005. Barely past his victory in 2005, he was off an running for County Council in the 6th District in 2006. Now, barely halfway through his first term as a County Councilman, he is ignoring his County responsibilities to run for Mayor.

I guess Cohen is in the career politician-in-training program, always looking forward a bigger and better post. I bet the residents of the 6th Councilmanic District wish that they knew he was going to try and bail on them before his time was up, especially when you consider that if Cohen had just stayed put as an Alderman we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I just hope that the voters of Annapolis are wise enough to reject a guy who never has his eyes on the job he has, but always the job he wants…

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