Another Tuition Freeze

So Obama is gracing our country with a big fat stimulus package, also known as the Porkulus. The intent of this stimulus package is to jump-start the economy and get people back to work. As you can probably deduce, most of the people losing their jobs are being laid off from the private sector (for those of you in government, this means companies whose intent is to make money).

What better way to stimulate the economy than to dump hundreds of billions of dollars into Federal and State pork projects? Even better – let’s give a bunch of the money to the states so that they can determine how best to spend the money (within some guidelines, of course). I’m not against empowering states to use money as they see fit. People in Mississippi have needs that are different than those living in Alaska, right?

Our humble governor Martin O’Malley estimated that Maryland would get $3.9 Billion from the Obamassiah and the compassionate band of lunatics in Congress. Unfortunately, when O’Malley got the message that said, “use this money to stimulate the economy and create jobs” he misread it to say, “use this money to fund personal initiatives that will help you get reelected.”

His first big initiative with all this cash will be to freeze tuition. Again. How, you ask, will artificially freezing tuition create jobs and stimulate the economy? Well, it’s easy. First…’s like…..but……uhhh…..wait. I have no flippin’ idea. Perhaps if you work in a room full of magical stardust like O’Malley, your wildest dreams can come true, too. He can’t be doing this for personal gain, could he? Hmmm…

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Oh, but remember, he’s doing this to invest in our future. We’re all in this together. He had to make a lot of tough decisions (thank goodness he’s there for that). This is for the children. All of the hardships that we are experiencing are Bob Ehrlich’s fault. With this tuition freeze, the state can start to move forward again. If moving forward brings us closer to the edge of the cliff, so be it. If he does nothing, we risk an economic rebound that cannot be attributed to government intervention, and we can’t have that!

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