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The New “Isaac”

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you the new “Isaac” so to speak.

Adam Pagnucco, who seems to think that he “revealed” that my site was one of the least read blogs in the Maryland blogosphere. I normally don’t do give two hoots about the numbers in anyway because I know my audience is there, but if you have followed me over the past couple of years, the one thing I cannot tolerate is intellectual dishonesty.

First and foremost, the claim that I stopped revealing my sitemeter publicly because of my audience size is all rumor. I just didn’t feel like adding it to the new design of my website last year. I have no shame in revealing who visits my site, but the truth of the matter is web counters vary by methodology, case in point is the BlogNetNews rankings each week.

More importantly, his claim of revelation from last summer was more than likely based on an email he sent me in August, shortly after my site’s relaunch, which said:

“Mr. Burns, I don’t see Sitemeter up on your blog anymore. Did you disconnect it? I am collecting data for a possible update to my Maryland Blogdom series on Maryland Politics Watch”

More than likely, I did not reply to this email, not because I didn’t want to, it’s due to the fact I get dozens of emails a day and I cannot keep up with them all. I might have replied to his email, but I will not find this out until I get home tonight to verify.

As I always said, I will talk about politics and issues that are important to Maryland while the haters will just hate on me or out right hate me. Pagnucco is just trying to stir the pot in order to get some attention, especially in the post Isaac-Andrew era. He somewhat succeeded, since he was added to Maryland Politics Today’s E-List. The scary part is that they guy is a dead ringer for Isaac

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