The New “Isaac” Update (plus another comment)

As I said I would do yesterday, I would check my email from this past August to see if I had emailed, Adam Pagnucco in regards to my sitemeter. I didn’t think there was a smear agenda attached to his question so I would have responded under normal circumstances.

But that does not matter in any event because “Isaac” Pagnucco will do what he wants to do as evidenced in yesterday’s “update” on his site:

Kenny Burns of Maryland Politics Today is protesting his exclusion from this list even though he admits deleting Sitemeter.

When Burns employed Sitemeter, it reported a combined visit count of 8,133 from February through June of 2008. His new statistics report a combined visit count of 68,365 for those months. None of this passes the smell test. Or the laugh test.

Sir, your update doesn’t pass the laugh test. In case you are actually as dumb as your predecessor, let me spell it out for you…I AM NOT PROTESTING BEING LEFT OFF YOUR LIST. I AM POINTING OUT THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE CHICKEN SALAD OUT OF CHICKEN [RADIO EDIT]. If you really wanted to know where my site meter was, you would have sent more than one email inquiring about it, but you didn’t. You just sent that one email in hopes of playing “gotcha.” Adam, you did what the kids would call a punk move. Like I said, under normal circumstances, I would have replied thinking there was no agenda.

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As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know this was going on until I got my updated blog reactions from Technorati, I would have addressed it then. This argument can be easily be applied to the fight about the fairness doctrine. Punknucco wants to know how many people visit my website, and I don’t have to tell him. Just like a number of Democrats want to help liberal talk show hosts gain access on more powerful radio stations, where many of them carry conservative talk programming.

I am not saying this as a conservative, I am saying this as a broadcaster of 10 years at this point, they should not have access “just because.” The fairness doctrine is a clumbersome stain on the first amendment. The reason why the majority of liberal talk show hosts are not on stations like WMAL, WBAL and WGMD are because they are not good radio programs. There are only four or five hosts that understand that you have to go beyond “Bush Sucks.”

Adam, I hope that you are not arguing that these are public internets and that you have a right to know how many people visit my site. In reality you don’t. As Paul Foer commented on your farce of a “gotcha”:

“I am not competing against other blogs, especially those that are just ideological trash. The numbers that count most to me are trends at the one blog I control–and those stats are looking very good. That’s what interests me.”

And those trends that I mentioned as far as my site: “I spoke to the Maryland Association of Counties Summer Conference this past summer and was on The Kendel and Bob Ehrlich Show on WBAL (1090AM) this time last year…In addition to being a contributor to, before that site decided to suspend operations.”

So to recap (what we journalists tend to do after bloviating sometimes): I am not protesting that I was left off, I never cared that much to be on it actually. I am protesting the smear campaign against me and my site. In case you bring up the monoblogue comment I left, that was because Michael Swartz included me in his 2008 guide, but left me out of his 2009 guide. I thought that was a bit wrong considering we are both contributors to this site.

In any event, modifying a Johnny Paycheck line: “That your update and shove it.”

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