The Great Correspondent

On Monday I contributed my two cents about Ronald Reagan to the National Review Online President’s Day symposium. Well my old hometown friend Matt Palmer, a reporter for the Catholic Review took note and passed this very timely Reagan anecodote about his brother’s correspondence with the 40th President of the United States. A snippet:

Politicians receive a lot of letters from constituents. Most send back a form letter that simply says ‘thank you for your interest.’ Jeff received something far different, however, in a March 25, 1985 letter embossed with the presidential seal.

My mother recently unearthed that letter from a box in our house. Here is a transcript.

Dear Jeff:

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the taking of human life by abortion. I know your family must be very proud of your keen sensitivity about this often misunderstood issue.The future of our nation will depend on how we perceive our responsibility to protect the right to life of all Americans, including the unborn. If we cannot bring ourselves to confront the horrors of abortion, then we will be avoiding one of the great issues of our time. If, however, our young people can face this question head on, then we stand a chance of righting this terrible wrong and preserving the lives of the unborn. I know that you will do your best to fight the good fight, and you have my admiration for speaking out on this subject.

God bless you.


Ronald Reagan

Read the whole thing.

For you Ravens fans, Matt was the Ravens beat reporter for the dearly departed Baltimore Examiner. He blogs about sports and pop culture at The Bottom Liner

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