Senate Moves Towards Giving DC a Vote in Congress

As with most liberal propositions, it feels so good.  Let’s give those poor deprived souls in the Federal District “full voting rights”.  Let’s give them “representation”.  Well, the Senate appears to be on its way.

Well how can you possibly oppose giving the people of DC full representation?  It’s easy.  It’s wrong and it’s probably unconstitutional.

The only reason the District of Columbia has any electoral votes in a presidential election is because of the 23rd Amendment.  That OK, because the people of this country agreed to amend the constitution.  It doesn’t matter whether I agree with it or not.  However, Congress doesn’t have the authority to give seats in Congress to non-states.  The constitution is pretty clear about that one.  Of course, the constitution also says that we’re supposed to COUNT the population every ten years and liberals want to estimate.

Assuming that Congress gives DC a full seat in the House (and that’s a pretty safe bet), it’s logical that they’ll get two seats in the Senate as well.  Why not?  It’s just another form of “stuffing the box” and the Dems aren’t shy about doing that.

People live in DC by choice.  If don’t want to live in a Federal District then they don’t have to.  However, there is an alternative that will address their concerns:

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Give the District back to Maryland.  Virginia already took her part back.  It’s called Arlington County.

The only problem – Maryland doesn’t want it.  I can’t blame her.  Still, that doesn’t justify an unconstitutional act on the part of Congress and the Obama administration.

Oh … Who am I kidding?

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