Progressive, Heal Thyself

Legum’s New Line proves my point that the progressive definition of bipartisanship means that those of us who cling to our fire sticks and sky god need to give up our ideas and follow them to the sunny uplands of history.

If you were hoping that Michael Steele would bring a new approach to Republican
Party politics, here’s some bad news. Less than 24 hours after being elected
chairman of the RNC, Steele praised House members for their lockstep opposition
to President Obama’s stimulus bill, saying “
the goose egg that you laid on the president’s desk was just beautiful.”

This all quite cheeky since Legum engaged in the very same partisanship he castigates, Steele for, after Steele won the RNC Chair.

Furthermore, Legum was also research director for Accountable America, former big wig Tom Mattzie’s “non partisan” organization, whose sole purpose was political thuggery, and intimidation of those who dare contribute to Republican candidates.

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