Pagnucco’s Truthiness Problem

Kenny is quite capable of fighting his own battles with Adam Pagnucco, and I don’t begrudge Adam’s success in our little nook of the blogosphere. However, Adam does have a certain truthiness problem. Perusing MPW from Kenny’s link, I found another example of that in Adam’s brown nosing encomium to our favorite bologna sandwich, David Paulson.

Pagnucco writes:

The bloggers of Red Maryland once tried to figure out if he was spying on their site. They finally banned anonymous comments for fear of being targeted by Paulson and/or his minions.

Yes we did try to find out who “A life well lived” was. However, check Pagnucco’s second link. The notion that we banned anonymous comments “for fear” of Paulson and/or the interns at 188 Main St. is laughable. The reason for the ban and I’m quoting directly and accurately (take note Adam):

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The reason for that is simple, the election brought out a particularly vile and disreputable type of commenter who either had to allege racism at every criticism of The One or fling particularly odious and racist comments in the directions of black Republicans or female Republicans. As a private blog, Red Maryland has no obligation to serve as a forum for this variety type of social pathology and it won’t.

We get the “this blog has lost its guts” comment with monotonous regularity. Apparently, our lack of guts is indicated by our refusal to countenance racist and abusive comments, along with the garden variety of just plain stupidity “justdafacts” amazingly finds the time to generate. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It takes guts to stand for something, and to stand against nothing. The truly gutless approach would be to sign onto the notion that this is a public restroom and that random passersby have the right to crap in our sink.

Obviously we were quaking in our boots that a low-rent Robert Gibbs was reading our stuff.


Right on queue Pagnucco proves my point. Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps Pagnucco believes that Paulson is the source of the vile racist comments toward black and female Republicans that caused the change in policy. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time he played the race card. Adam and the progressives just cheer it on. Of course, this stuff is deep in their intellectual DNA.

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