No comment is still a comment

John Leopold had this to say in regard to his run-in with police at Annapolis Mall:

“The police determined that this accusation was completely without merit, and I will not dignify this matter with any further comment,” Leopold said…. ….He declined to answer questions about whether anyone was with him or if he talked to the police officer. Nor would he answer questions about what he was doing moments before police arrived.

“I don’t want to talk about this. I’ll answer your questions later at another time. If I think it’s necessary,” he said before hanging up the phone.

Now Leopold finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation, because whether or not the allegations are true or not (and really, who knows) his non-commenting status will automatically lead to voters to assume that he is guilty. Because virtually no politician who is innocent issues a no comment in such a situation. But Leopold has now fallen into the trap of saying no comment which in and of itself is a comment. Recently, Michael Phelps and Alex Rodriguez both issued no comments before admitting guilt the next day.

As I said, whether or not Leopold is guilty of this offense isn’t the point anymore. The point is that the public relations on this were botched, and John Leopold has managed to find a new way to embarrass the Republican Party….

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