My Take on the Leopold Situation

Here’s what we know. On January 30, 2008, at 5:37 in the evening, a man calls 911 to report possible sexual activity going on in a black Chevrolet Impala. Turns out, the vehicle in question is owned by Anne Arundel County.

From the 911 tape, it appears that an Officer drives past the vehicle several times. He then nervously reports “I see it. It’s the County Executive’s vehicle”. Shortly after making contact with the vehicle, the Officer returns with a transmission of “It’s the County Executive himself in the backseat”. Then, without any apparent investigation, the Officer abruptly calls off additional units and declares the 911 caller’s accusations “unfounded”.

Clearly, there’s now some controversy surrounding the County Executive. Of course, I strongly believe in a subject’s innocence until they are proven guilty. That said, the County Police failed to properly investigate this incident. By the police spokesman’s own admission, their “officers only made contact with the County Executive.” Why didn’t the Officers at least question the other party inside the car? If I am not mistaken, that’s standard police procedure when investigating an allegation such as this.

Leopold explained his presence in the parking lot by stating that he’s a frequent patron of Nordstrom. Fair enough. Did he go into Nordstrom that evening? Did anyone see him? Does he usually park over by the bank when he goes into that store? Did the Grey Lexus next to his car belong to the female inside his vehicle? All of these are legitimate questions that any rookie Police Officer should have asked.

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Naturally, the media now wants to ask these questions. Unfortunately, the normally outgoing and jovial County Executive doesn’t wish to speak. Today, he told the Capital “I don’t want to talk about this. I’ll answer your questions later at another time. If I think it’s necessary,” He then hung up on them.

I doubt this story will go away anytime soon. The public tends to be very forgiving when people level with us. Again, I don’t believe the County Executive should be crucified before he’s tried. By the same token, ignoring it won’t make it disappear either.

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