Maryland’s pod

This morning I took a little time to see about something I assumed would be true and I was absolutely 100% correct. So far there have been 64 recorded votes in this Senate session and our two erstwhile, well-meaning, but for the most part incorrect Senators have voted in the exact same manner all 64 times. At least in Delaware you get a little variation between Senators Carper and Kaufman – they have voted at odds with each other 6 times in 59 votes.

To tell you what this means, let’s look at what the not-so-Free State’s not-so-dynamic duo has supported in just this edition of Congress.

They both voted for the “porkulus” package conference report. In addition, they voted against a direct rebate on taxes rather than spending the money (in other words, they feel the government knows better where to spend your money than you do), voted for ACORN funding with the “porkulus” money, for maintaining the Clinton tax on Social Security benefits, against decreasing our taxes in general, for expanding the government in general with “porkulus” funds, and for maintaining a tax break for their Hollywood friends.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they allowed the expansion of SCHIP, but against expanding it to the unborn. Meanwhile, they also cast their ballots in favor of people scrapping their private insurance to get on the government dole and against the true intent of the SCHIP program, which was to help low-income children be covered. Nor will the unborn in other nations we assist be spared, in part because of their votes.

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They also voted to allow the tax cheat Timothy Geithner to head the IRS and against true freedom of choice whether to join a union or not.

Yet the majority of Maryland voters elected these two – only six counties voted against both the last time they were on the ballot. (We should thank the voters of Carroll, Cecil, Garrett, Harford, Queen Anne’s, and Washington counties for their common sense – unfortunately the lower Shore needs to become hip to Senator Mikulski’s true record by November of 2010.) I have to ask if these sorts of votes are what the electorate truly wanted.

There has always been a “throw the bums out” attitude among the general public, EXCEPT when it comes to their own bum. I’m sure both Senators are decent people in person, I don’t recall meeting either in person so I couldn’t say from personal experience. But their voting record is dreadful, particularly in this session which has primarily focused on pocketbook issues. Simply put, they don’t trust you with your money and believe only the government that placed us in this economic mess can allow us to get out of it. If that’s not a definition of insanity, it’s pretty damn close.

Then again, Maryland voters have proven time and again that they vote with their eyes wide shut and against their better interests – that is, unless they enjoy being sheeple.

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