Let’s Wait Until Gas Reaches $5.00 per Gallon

Our government won’t allow additional offshore drilling.  They are halting exploration on shore as well. and … The federal deficit is going through the roof.

At some point in the not too distant future our great nation will pull its way out of recession – despite PORKULUS.  When that happens, the world’s economy will improve as well.  (Despite the “Hate America” left, we are the economic engine of the world.)  When this occurs, global demand for oil will rise AND so will its price. (Despite numerous attempts, the left cannot derail the basic laws of supply and demand any more than the basic laws of Newtonian physics.)

To add insult to injury, opening up the outer shelf to exploration (along with numerous parcels on land) will help to reduce the exploding deficit caused by the Obama AND Bush administrations.  Can’t do that!  That might interfere with persuading Americans to accept a lower standard of living and a full blown socialist economy.

So President Obama, when gasoline hits $4.00 (or even $5.00) per gallon what will you do?  Our economy can’t run on promises of HOPE and CHANGE.  Will you give us the same response as this past summer? (We can’t get to the oil fast enough to make an IMMEDIATE difference)  We can start to make a difference NOW and be prepared for the round rising oil prices.   #dontgo

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