Jack Cafferty can go to hell

Apparently, it’s time to roll up the carpet and go home. America as we know it is doomed and we need to start thinking small. So says Jack Cafferty at least:

The interest on the national debt will approach $500 billion a year this year or next. Our country is sinking into the quicksand of insolvency as surely as the victims of subprime mortgages who have lost their jobs and their houses and watched their savings evaporate in the stock market decline.

The current national debt is soaring past $12 trillion. The costs of the stimulus packages and bailouts (and stimulus package is just another word for bailout) are being tacked on and passed on because they are being paid for with money we don’t have.

We are staring at unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security in the tens of trillions of dollars. Where’s that money going to come from? We have to either raise taxes or cut benefits. There are no other options.

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The baby boomers are starting to retire and will consume an ever larger share of these entitlement programs. They will also age in sufficient numbers to drive the political agenda for the foreseeable future. Think they’re going to want less Social Security and less Medicare? Think again.

The generation coming along behind them that will be asked to pay for all this can’t. There are not enough good jobs left in this country to pay those kinds of bills.

At the end of the day, we are going to have to settle for less. Less money, smaller houses, smaller cars and smaller dreams.

This is not your father’s country anymore. And we had better all start getting used to it.

Not a chance Cafferty, not a chance. I mean, Cafferty is right in the respect that Democratic leaders in Congress and writing checks for bills that won’t come until long, long after they are done ruining the economy. It will be my generation, my children’s generation, and my children’s children’s generation that will be required to pay off the largesse and i incompetence, the gluttony, and the imperialistic greed of Barack Obama and those who support his reckless and wrongheaded bailout. It is true that this generation is failing future generations for its refusal to spend and manage money responsibly.

On the other hand, Cafferty is advocating the abandonment of the very essence that makes America the oracle of freedom and the beacon of opportunity still today. It’s very easy for Cafferty to talk about our need for shared sacrifice, the need to start thinking “smaller dreams.” Bollocks. Tell that to millions of people around the world who dream of coming to America in an effort to achieve their dreams, to achieve their goals, to raise their children in a land that provides them with endless opportunities.

Just because Obama and his cohorts in Congress are doing all that they can do in order to crush the American spirit and do what they can do to destroy the American economy, it’s no reason to abandon that what makes America America. We must continue, as individuals and as a society, never expect less from ourselves. We must continue to dream dreams that are larger than ourselves and larger than our communities. We have always been “the shining city on the hill.” In what kind of warped world would we be living if we abandoned those basic American values and American principles?

In other words, why does Jack Cafferty want us to abandon the American Dream?

If Cafferty wants to abandon America, if all of this spending has forced him to (ironically) give up hope, he can take all of it and go to hell. Now is not the time for people to sit back, meekly accept the situation that has been dealt to them and decide now that America is dead. Because if we live in an America in which we dream smaller dreams, are we in an America worth living in anymore?


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