I’m Sure He is “Pleased”

I’m watching Harry Reid on C-SPAN–no I didn’t doze off–talk about the stimulus bill and he said he spoke with the Governor of Maryland, and said that O’Malley is “pleased” with the current state of the stimulus bill.

I’m sure O’Malley is pleased. Any stimulus will relieve him of making any tough choices about the state budget. Which is kind of ironic for a politician who sang, I mean literally sang “to govern to choose.”

The O’Malley Bailout will only encourage more irresponsible spending from the Democrats in the General Assembly.

Oh and Max Baucus is now praising John Maynard Keynes and stating that Mises, Hayek, Hazlitt, and Friedman are quote on the fringe unquote. Maybe that is true as Newsweek tells us “We are all Socialists now.”

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The Other McCain has the only sensible response to such economic ignorance.

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