If we HAVE to have a Dem as Governor…

If we HAVE to have a Dem as Governor…
… Why, Oh Why Couldn’t It Have Been Doug Duncan?

After reading his comments about certain unnamed (cough…o’malley…cough)
“Maryland state or local elected officials facing reelection in 2010” one hopes that he, or someone like him, might consider giving MOM a real contest. If Bobby Ehrlich doesn’t run against O’Malley, any chance we can recruit Doug to our side?

His complaints against politicians apply to some of our own as well. Too often those in power of any & all persuasions care more about getting along ’til the next election, when they should be more concerned with radically re-evaluating every program and expense. Do any have the ‘nads to actually cut the ones that do not work. If not, maybe we should cut their’s off at the polls!

It reminds me of something heard at last night’s Help Save Maryland rally at Lawyer’s Mall, something along the lines of… “Politicians care about the next election, Leaders care about the next generation”.

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