I Get Letters….

Judd Legum springs to Judd Legum’s defense by email:

Dear Brian:

Thanks for your interest in my blog.

I just wanted to respond briefly to the following claim: “Legum stating that people support the stimulus package is nothing short of a bold-faced lie.”

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Actually I wrote that “a new poll by Gallup shows that the American people strongly support Obama’s handling of the stimulus issue.” This statement is fully supported by the Gallup poll. Here is a direct quote from Gallup: “The American public gives President Barack Obama a strong 67% approval rating for the way in which he is handling the government’s efforts to pass an economic stimulus bill.”

The Rassmuessen poll is interesting but does not ask the same question.

Feel free to contact me if there is any further confusion.

— Judd

Of course the issue here is always in the phrasing of the statement, as it always is with the liberals.

This, you’ll remember, is what the premise of Legum’s post was:

Steele said that “the president is upside-down with the voters on this issue.”

THAT is the operative statement in Legum’s post, the intimation that Michael Steele was at fault for stating that Obama is opposing the will of the American people….something that the is clearly demonstrable in the Rasmussen poll. The reason that the Rasmussen poll doesn’t ask about the President’s handling of the stimulus issue is irrelevant because the people of this nation oppose the stimulus regardless.

The nuance Legum tries here is cute, but glosses over the lack of support for people of this Democratic boondoggle.


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