Feeling Unstimulated

It’s bad enough that Democrats in Congress have forced the unwanted, unnecessary, and unsavory stimulus plan down the throats of American taxpayers. Now, look at what the Democrats in Annapolis plan on doing with some of that money:

Maryland will use money from the economic stimulus plan to purchase 100 hybrid diesel-electric buses, state officials said yesterday. The purchase of the fuel-saving vehicles had been on hold because of a shortfall in the state’s Transportation Trust Fund. The $65 million purchase will more than double the number of hybrid vehicles in the Maryland Transit Administration’s bus fleet.

So, let’s follow the logic here:

  • Congress appropriates billions of dollars in an effort not to stimulate the economy,but in order to provide a shopping spree in the name of a multitude of liberal special interests;
  • Maryland Democrats, instead of using the money to balance the budget in this year and cut spending to ensure that it never happens again, are instead going to spend that money on pie in the sky projects to protect the environment;
  • The Administration is going to hand over $65 million to the MTA, Maryland’s most incompetent agency, to buy buses that we really don’t need;
  • Ensure that $65 million of the stimulus package winds up not being spent in Maryland.

Is it any wonder why American taxpayers oppose the stimulus package? Is it any wonder why Americans don’t trust Democrats not to tax them more? Instead of doing good deeds to try and bolster consumer confidence and get money back in the hands of taxpayers through reductions in federal spending and necessary tax cuts, Democrats instead are going to bury us in more foreign debt while trying to plan Santa Claus. For Democrats, it’s more important to make their base happy than it is to do right by America’s middle and working class families.

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The MTA bus purchase is going to be merely the first in a number of new and creative reckless fiscal decision made my Maryland due to the stimulus package. Then again, it’s not like we should suspect Annapolis Democrats would learn to be responsible overnight….


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