Did the Washington Post get “justdafacts” in its Steele piece

Regular readers of Red Maryland and O’Malley Watch should be familiar with one of our favorite antagonists “justdafacts”. Justdafacts is the nom de cyber of one Steve Lebowitz, who unabashedly states, “I make no bones about who I am and where I’m coming from. I support and defend Gov. O’Malley, and I’ve volunteered on every one of his campaigns since 1990.”

Interestingly, jusdtafacts has been peddling much of the same Fabian accusations from the Washington Post against not only Michael Steele, but Bob Ehrlich as well since last summer.

On May 30th 2008 Justdafacts wrote, “Keep watch for reports of humongous, gargantuan, contributions from an embarrassing contributor in a newspaper near you soon.”

On June 25th 2008:

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“Fabian and St. John aren’t the only Ehrlich pals I’m working on. Stay tuned.” justdafacts is referring to Edward St. John who, along with his business lieutenants gave improper campaign contributions to current governor, Martin O’Malley.

“I predict you’ll be coming back to Fabian. Time will tell.”

“Persistent tweaking might shift their [The Baltimore Sun] attention to Gov. Ehrlich and Alan Fabian, however.

On December 8 2008on justdafacts wrote on former Ehrlich aide Joe Steffen’s blog , “Not for my lack of trying. The computer contract Ehrlich gave to Fabian got a little coverage, but not the outsized contributions.

Just yesterday, justdafacts was again bragging/repeating much of the same information from the summer. This time he even predicted a future headline “AMID ALLEGATIONS GOP CHAIR STEPS DOWN”

Why is this litany of braggadocio important?

justdafacts also proudly boasts on Steffen’s blog, that former Maryland Democratic Party mouthpiece David Paulson is, “is a dear old friend, and in my pretentions to holding certain talents in the dark craft we three share, I thank his tutelage in no small measure.”

Of course, Paulson never met a lie about a Republican he wouldn’t peddle. Paulson is most famous however for following Ehrlich dressed like a baloney sandwich.

Indeed, justdafacts playfully taunts Steffen about the dirty trick the Democrats played saying, “The fact that you were duped like a preteen girl in a chat room romance to reveal confidences to an anonymous screen name… If levity is what you think of when you think of Paulson, remember that he was laughing because the joke was on you, my friend…I’d like to learn how Paulson’s “clown shoes” felt as they were kicking your transom from one end of the state to the other and back again all through the first of his two election cycles with the MDP.”

Reporter Matthew Mosk contributed to the Post laying out the allegations against Steele. As we all know, Mosk was a dupe of one Ryan O’Doherty aka MD4Bush. O’Doherty was an apparatchik for the Maryland Democratic Party who outed Joseph Steffen, on Free Republic. For a refresher, see Stephen Sprueill’s National Review Online article on this Democratic dirty trick. O’Doherty is now chief aide to Baltimore City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

Make what inferences you will, but allegations shopped around by an avowed partisan nine months ago are now major news after Michael Steele wins the RNC chair.


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