Way to Avoid Maryland’s Proposed EZ Pass Fee

Despite the tough economic times, I knew Governor Martin O’Malley could never resist the urge to raise some form of tax/fee. With a 2010 re-election date looming, his window of opportunity would likely pass with the close of session in April. Low and behold, O’Malley found his golden parachute. Since an increasing number of motorists have discovered EZ Pass as a way to avoid toll delays, O’Malley now figures everyone will happily fork over an additional $18 a year for this supposed luxury.

Admittedly, I use EZ Pass more so for convenience than necessity. Therefore, I will continue to use the system. That said, I will return my current transponder to the Maryland MVA and order a new one through the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. As opposed to an $18/year fee, these guys only charge $3. Although it’s just a small savings, I figure the $15 is better suited for my use than the state of Maryland’s.


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