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If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you should get to know it.  It’s a great social media tool to carry on conversations with people all over the world, or in your own backyard.

One way of tracking conversations on Twitter is through the use of hashtags (#).  If you’re following the race for RNC Chair, there’s #rncchair.  If you’re part of the group Top Conservatives on Twitter, there’s #tcot.  Now, thanks to Brian Boettcher (@BrianBoettcher) we have #MDcons for Free State conservatives.

If you’re engaging in a conversation about that particular subject or as part of that particular group, you just add the hashtags to the message.  This leads to more like minded people to follow, and who may follow you.  You can also search for those particular conversations so that you can keep up with what you missed.

Check #MDcons out.

I’ve been building a list of fellow Marylanders (mostly conservative, but not all) that I’ve been following as a group on Twitter.  If any of you are interested in a copy of the list, let me know.

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Update from Delmarva Dealings (@DMVDealings):

You can start by following –

Red Maryland
The Campaign Edge
Brian Griffiths
Mark Newgent
Kenny Burns
Michael Swartz
G. A. Harrison
Red County – Wicomico
Ted Pibil
Blog Net News – Maryland

Watch out though.  Twitter can be addicting.

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