The O’Malley Bailout

National Review’s editorial on the particulars of President-elect Obama’s stimulus plan is a must read. One paragraph sticks out, as it pertains to Maryland.

The plan would also provide a massive bailout for states that indulged in politically popular but unaffordable spending during the boom, only to find themselves overcommitted on Medicaid and other fronts. If one looks, one notices that the states in the most trouble and the states with most liberal governments form an overlapping group. Some Republican Governors like Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas have argued that taxpayers from more prudent states shouldn’t be forced to pay for other states’ welfare programs. They are absolutely right.

Maryland and Governor O’Malley fit that description in the APB.

Yes my radio friend Bob Ehrlich spent during the boom time, maybe a bit too much for some of us. For the record though he fixed the Glendenning fiscal mess. But, Martin O’Malley increased taxes and spending in the face of the gathering storm—a fiscally irresponsible thing to do—which led us to the current and projected future deficits.

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O’Malley and Annapolis Democrats may have no need to worry though as President Obama wants to grant them a get out of jail free card. American taxpayers of course, will be posting bail.

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