The Cost of the Inaugural?

Brian Griffiths recently talked about the cost of the coronation inauguration of Barack Obama, and he is not alone among commentators wondering if today’s economic times would indicate a less “spectacular” celebration.

But let’s get a few things clear about the “cost” of this inaugural.

1. There is a Barack Obama Inaugural committee that is privately funded which is picking up a big chunk of the tab for the side events.

2. Most inaugural balls are privately funded affairs and not on the public dime.

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3. Security might be overkill, but really, is it that much to ask? Security costs money.

While I don’t think the world is a dark as Obama and the media have portrayed, we can all agree that not all is good in this world.

As much as I don’t like Obama’s policies and some of his past associations are questionable to say the least, I don’t think this is really something we need to scrimp on. The Inauguration is not about Obama, it wasnt’t about Bush or Clinton or any president themselves. Inaugural festivities are about the greatest thing about our nation–the smooth and orderly transfer of power from one administration to the next. Remember, the U.S. was really the first nation to have a transfer of power from one political faction to another without resorting to guns and death, or the “divine” succession of monarchs. If nothing else, perhaps we conservatives can take solace in that notion–the peaceful transfer of power.

Is the media fawning and leftist rapture over the top? Yes, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the smooth transition of power.

Instead of worrying about the cost of this inaugural, wouldn’t conservative and GOP time effort be better spent on making sure that we have another transfer of power to a Republican president in four years?

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