Students learn to Make Benefit Glorious Leader

What better time to bring partisan politics into the classroom:

As today’s presidential inauguration approached, Donna Schmitz’s art students bubbled over with excitement – and paint.

Gripping paint brushes in their tiny, blue-stained fingers, every student at Lothian Elementary School contributed a brush stroke and a signature to their inaugural group project: a larger-than-life image of President Barack Obama painted on a huge cardboard box once used to ship a SMART board to the school.

“It’s bringing history into the art classroom,” Ms. Schmitz said last week.

I am completely disgusted that my taxpayer dollars were used to fund such an overtly partisan, Orwellian task. This isn’t “brining art into the classroom.” This is forcing students to show their support for Obama in a frankly Soviet fashion.

It’s one thing to discuss the inauguration, watch the inauguration, and discuss its meaning. But to bring this kind of partisanship into the classroom is a bridge way too far…

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