State Layoffs Target Wrong Areas

As Maryland continues to feel the effects of a revenue shortfall, some people will now lose their state jobs. Likewise, many vacant position will be eliminated altogether. Taking a look at the raw numbers, it appears the O’Malley administration really didn’t put much thought into this venture.

First, Public Safety And Correctional Services loses 373 positions. Similarly, Maryland State Police will see a net loss of 21. Also, the Military Department can say goodbye to 14 people. Clearly, O’Malley envisions crime and unrest won’t be an issue in the near future. Still, if that’s the case, I am curious why he plans to increase the judiciary by 44? Keep in mind, judges in most jurisdictions don’t hit the bench until after 9am and are done for the day around 4pm. And, let’s not forget about their hour and half lunches.

Somehow, the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission will keep all 155 of their jobs. Can someone please remind me why taxpayers continue to fund a television station in 2009? Also, the Public Service Commission keeps their 142 person department. I honestly didn’t know it required that many people to man that useless entity. Perhaps, they should layoff all of them and pass along the savings directly to us. We could then use the money to pay the higher BGE bills routinely approved by these guys.

There’s many more agencies that probably could’ve sacrificed a few positions. That said, I really didn’t expect O’Malley to put much thought into this process. By the way, I notice that he also plans to increase his Executive Department from 86 to 89. Maybe one of these three new appointees can be responsible for doing a feasibility and productivity analysis for each state agency. If done properly, I am sure additional layoffs could easily be justified.

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