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So this is how liberty dies, to the sound of thunderous applause . . .

Such was the observation of Padme when she witnessed history in the making, and the anointing of a New Ruler by a willing people, oblivious to the freedoms they were giving up. This was in the Star Wars saga, but I hope when referring to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, future generations won’t have to premise it with “A Long Time Ago… Far, Far Away”.

The citizens of that Galaxy would be getting a New Constitution, and our own Leader-in-chief has a problem with our founding documents as well. Will he be making history, or re-writing it? Will the Republic (or the Republi”yes-we”cans) Strike Back? Or will we be doomed to this false so-called New Hope?

Switching out of Star Wars mode… switching metaphors…

We can’t expose ourselves to the Zombies trying to eat our brains, we must keep our families safe in the fallout shelter. However, we must venture out of our bunkers a little, enough to forage for food and to attack the strongholds of the enemy. We have to watch them carefully, their power is increasing, but liberty and freedom cannot be allowed to die, it must rise again. For now, the Flag is showing Distress, but it will again wave proudly, right-side-up, if we work to make it possible.

Until we meet again, proud country, the United States… until we are united in true hope and change, for freedom, liberty, and our founding principles… ’til then…

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