Raven Ecstasy

–Richard E. Vatz

Fellow Conservatives, there is something presumptuous about an academic’s opining on football, but what a game!

Some reactions, if I may:

Incredible 13-10 victory (one conservative fan — ahem — had predicted a 16-13 victory by the Ravens).

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So exciting a game…Flacco is a Vatzian-favorite…I particularly appreciate his low-key style in interviews; it’s the old type-A admiration for the type-B personality.

Ravens are my rhetorical heroes, too — no outlandish post-game celebration while they have victories to win. The already great Harbaugh is to thank, methinks.

Ravens-Steelers is likelier championship game next week; you have to figure Steelers to be favored, but in one game of near-equals anything is possible. Titans’ Chris Johnson appeared to have us mastered in the first half, and then he got injured.

Todd Heap made the catch great tight ends make when they have to. Matt Stover made the kick great kickers make when they have to. Joe Flacco played mistake-free in a game he had to. A tired defense made the plays they had to. And there’s more, but as I say, a lengthy article would be presumptuous.

(Minority of one view: the delay of game no-call was no longer an additional 1 second after the play clock had gone to zero than I have seen 1000 times.)

Congratulations, and Go Ravens!

(P.S. Are there any better football radio announcers and analysts than Gerry Sandusky, Stan White, Keith Mills, and Steve Davis?)

Richard Vatz is a life-long tennis player who has won his share of small championships

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