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Profiles in Self Beclowning: Lisa Gladden

Lisa Gladden has said some mind numbingly stupid things over the years:

Gladden said party trumps race” defending racist political attacks against Michael Steele.

Last February she labeled opposition to tax increases as “undemocratic” saying, “we have a responsibility, if not to ourselves, then to the larger community. We have to pay taxes.”

Defending her opposition to Jessica’s Law she gave the most asinine response in the history of Maryland politics. WBAL asked Gladden why she voted against Jessica’s Law but for a bill barring restraints on dogs kept outside. Gladden’s said was that her votes didn’t mean that she took the safety of dogs more seriously than the safety of children. She said he based her votes on both bills, “on their merits.” Meaning that Gladden, keeping dogs free of restraint has more merit than keeping child sex offenders off the street.

Now we have this:

“It doesn’t matter if the state of Maryland is broke as long as Barack Obama is going to be President of the United States – this is great!”

Yes Senator, its doesn’t matter that the state faces a two billion dollar deficit and state employees will lose their jobs, because its just great that Barack Obama is president.

See the video of Gladden cheerfully belcowning herself here.

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