Baltimore Examiner going out of business

If you told me a Baltimore newspaper would close its doors this week the Baltimore Examiner would not have been my first answer. Yet that is just what happened.

The Baltimore Examiner will close next month. Denver-based Clarity Media Group confirms to WBAL News it’s closing the paper after its February 15th editions.
Clarity CEO Ryan McKibben says the company tried for several months to find a buyer but was unsuccessful. He says employees of the paper were told Thursday morning. McKibben says “strong revenue synergies” did not materialize as expected from the Baltimore newspaper’s proximity to Clarity’s Washington Examiner.

I’m going to miss the great reporting of Len Lazarick, Stephen Janis, and Luke Broadwater, along with the opinion writing of the incomparable Greg Kane. Unfortunately we won’t have Michael Olesker to kick around anymore.

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The Examiner was a great foil to the Baltimore Sun. When it comes to state government, the Examiner cut through the spin of press releases from the governor’s office and offered incisive editorials. Whereas the Sun editorial page appeared to regurgitate the governor’s talking points almost verbatim.

I am also indebted to the Examiner’s editorial page editor Marta Hummel Mossburg, who offered me space on the oped page on many occasions.

So long Baltimore Examiner, and good luck to all its employees.

I highly recommend the Washington Examiner. Mark Tapscott, the paper’s editorial page editor is a solid conservative with a keen eye for what the movement needs to do to compete in the the digital age.

PS For those of you who have been asking, where my history page and Redskins page is alive and well. The Examiner websites and newspapers are separate entities.

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