Back on the Radio

You’ll have a few chances to hear me talk about the General Assembly session in the next few days:

  • Annapolis/DC/Eastern Shore: Three times a day from Thursday January 14th through Wednesday January 21st, listen to 50,000 watt 107.9 FM WFSI at 4:00 am, 12:04 pm, or 5:04 pm each day to hear me discuss the session as part of the station’s “Community Involvement” program. This will be five five-minute sections of the interview.
  • Baltimore: Listen to the full interview as part of the “Perspectives” program. The first five minutes of the show will be Jerry Norton “instrumental in the passage if”Jessica’s Law”) discussing HB9, a bill that would make possession of child pornography a felony. The rest of the program is my full interview. Listen to the full program:


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