And Here We Go…

I was wondering when this was going to rear its ugly head this year.

In an email sent to supporters this morning, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network announced a potential deal on this year’s version of the Global Warming Solutions Act.The email states:

A hard-won consensus appears to be near between environmentalists, manufacturers, and union leaders concerning Maryland’s historic Global Warming Solutions Act. With the state General Assembly set to begin in mid January, leaders within the Maryland climate movement spent several days in December participating in facilitated talks to work out an effective, fair agreement with union and business leaders. A final consensus agreement is expected on January 7th. The bill would mandate a 25 percent reduction in statewide greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

The organization is holding a conference call on Thursday night to announce the details of the new bill.

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So they’ve reduced the percentage amount in reductions they want, but those are just as unattainable as the previous bill. Remember, even if Maryland ceased all greenhouse gas emissions, the effect would be a climatically meaningless (see bottom of pg. 25) effect reduction of two thousandths of a degree on global temperature by the end of the century.

Of course, this new less ambitious goal will still impose regulatory taxes, higher costs for goods and services, and lost jobs on Marylanders in the face of an global economic meltdown.

I’m curious as to what “consensus” was reached with the unions and manufacturers. I’d like to know which businesses will be exempted and which will be left out.

I will give the watermelons one piece of credit. They actually used the word consensus in its proper i.e., political context.

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