A Newspaper or Sales Ad?

While many of us have already dismissed The Baltimore Sun as a biased outfit, the newspaper continually contents they’re an objective news source. Still, it cannot be disputed that they absolutely adore President-Elect Barack Obama. Whether on their “news” or editorial pages, these guys routinely outdo themselves when it comes to fawning over Barack.

A few weeks ago, I commented how the paper wanted readers to send congratulatory notes to the President-elect. Now, the newspaper has made Obama the main attraction at their “store”. Specifically, they use a portion of the paper to entice interested parties into visiting this website.

Normally, I would celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship demonstrated by the Sun. Still, Barack Obama has been placed on a pedestal usually off limits to political figures. Perhaps I would be more apt to ignore it if the Baltimore Sun didn’t arbitrarily pick and chose those who they deem celebration-worthy.

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