This is what I mean…

Last month in my speech to the Republican Club of Northeast Baltimore County I said:

“…the GOP also needs to start embracing young people. Maryland in particular needs to start building and growing it’s farm system. Quite frankly, I do not want to see another John Kimball like character run for another office under the Republican Party.”

With that in mind, I should have added Daniel “Wigman”… my bad, Daniel “The Wigman” Vovak to the list of characters I do not want to see running for office in Maryland, again.

In case you forgot who this guy was, he ran against Michael Steele in 2006 and made a big stink when he was listed as Daniel “Wigman” Vovak and not Daniel “The Wigman” Vovak.

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I receive an email from Vovak promoting his latest project, a movie based on Lewinsky-gate. His email exclaimed that Yahoo and Breitbart filed stories about his movie. But when I clicked on the links, the text was the exact same, and it was written by him. Clue number one was the fact that the yahoo link had the source as LLC. The big clue was the Breitbart link, where there was a PRNewswire logo on the page.

It seems that I have been talking a lot about journalism lately, but normally when organizations file stories, nine times out of ten the story would be written differently, unless it’s a wire story a la AP and PRI. And many wire stories that I read, do not include contact information.

I would add Vovak to the E-List, but I have to take care of other important matters.

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