The Political Future of Steve Schuh

As some people are breathing a sigh of relief that the recent election season has passed us by, it’s important to note that others are working behind the scenes, planning their future for 2010 and beyond. When this happens, word quickly leaks out and pundits start to spread the rumors. Recently, Delegate Steve Schuh has been mentioned a possible candidate for several offices, including Governor, US Representative and State Senator. Let’s take a look at these possibilities.


As much as I like Steve Schuh, he lacks the exposure to mount a serious campaign for the state’s highest office. Sure, back in 2006 he emerged from the shadows of the unknown to become the leading vote getter in District 31. Still, District 31 has some of the more conservative pockets in the entire state. It’s impossible to think popularity in this region would radiate throughout a reliably blue Maryland. To be fair though, Schuh works well with both sides of the aisle and I think as people got to know him, he’d attract a more diverse following.

US Representative

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Immediately after Andy Harris lost to Frank Kratovil, I heard rumblings that Schuh may be exploring a run for the same seat in 2010. No matter what, this wouldn’t be a sensible political move. Forget the odds against defeating an incumbent Congressman. Schuh also faces the same geography problem as Harris. Like it or not, Eastern Shore voters remain skeptical of any politician living on the west side of the Bay Bridge. Besides, should he prevail, Schuh would be highly susceptible to Democratic gerrymandering prior to the 2012 election. After all, placing the Mountain Rd peninsula into the heavily Democratic District 2, wouldn’t take much effort.

State Senate

Every time Schuh gets mentioned for the State Senate, people ask “What about Bryan Simonaire”? Well, what about him? Around these parts, he’s become known as the invisible Senator. It’s little secret the Democrats intend to target him in 2010. That’s why many Republicans are pushing the universally popular Schuh to run in hopes of preserving this seat. If Schuh challenged Simonaire in the primary, he would cruise to victory. In turn, it would probably make the Democrats rethink their fight for this seat. Plus, by sitting in a Senator’s chair, Schuh could easily raise his profile for a run for higher office in 2014.


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