The O’Malley Plan – Tax, Spend … and Beg

It’s the NEW MATH.

As Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, newly minted VP of the Democrat Governor’s Association, moves towards another budget expect a great deal of teeth gnashing and shirt tearing.  O’Malley is making another show at fiscal responsibility by announcing a “furlough” of 67,000 state workers.  As usual this is just a show.

While claiming that he will save the state $34.3 million by this “brave” act, at the same time O’Malley is spending $70 million on the purchase of “open space” land.  Keeping the tree huggers happy is the “in thing” among your liberal, Democrat ruling class these days.

Wait!  I thought that the O’Governor was CUTTING state spending?  Sure he is.  In lib-speak this is a cut.

Let’s say that O’Malley really wanted to spend $100 million on buying land.  Let’s say that he really wanted to expand state payrolls by $100 million.  He’s ONLY spending $70 million on land purchases.  That’s a $30 million CUT right there.  Instead of growing the number of government employees, he’ll give some a few days off.  Add the $34 million for the furlough and the $100 million that he wanted to spend, but can’t, and now you’ve cut ANOTHER $134 million!

That’s a SAVINGS of over $164 million!  Wasn’t that easy.

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O’Malley has already raised taxes.  Unfortunately, he’s still trying to figure out why tax RECEIPTS didn’t rise with the rate increases.  The O’Governor still thinks that Keynes was correct.

He’s now trying to determine if he can increase your taxes AGAIN and still get re-elected.

No Marty, you don’t have to do that.  Barack Obama is coming to the rescue!  Just put on some knee pads, polish your tin cup and crawl on down to DC.  My children and grandchildren will never be able to pay the crushing debt that is being imposed on them, but hey!

Keynes was right about one thing.  “In the long run we’re all dead”.

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