The Long March Toward …

… Almost Every Socialist Scheme You Can Think Of

I know.  I’m a conspiracy freak… a wing nut … a simpleton … a Luddite.

Our federal government has basically nationalized some of our largest banks and insurance companies.  While the Senate may have postponed a “bailout” (read “nationalization”) of the big 3 automakers, the Treasury (under a Republican administration no less) is prepared to step in with TARP money (meaning OUR money).

Now, even a solid conservative like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is admitting that socialized medicine is probably inevitable.  Phillip Klein’s piece in the American Spectator outlines the Long March that Barack Obama, Tom Daschle, and (our own newly elected) Frank Kratovil want to take us down.

On Wednesday night I attended a Wicomico Planning Commission hearing and listened to a small army of left wing activists attempt to explain that property rights are simply subservient to the “common interest”.  Landowners have NO RIGHT to be compensated for their land being taken for the betterment of the collective.  I had to chuckle at the irony of these mostly well meaning folk wearing red flags or ribbons pinned to their clothes.  I thought I was at a meeting of the Young Communists’ League.

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While mouthing “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”, the new crew in town plans on using fear – much of it false – to scare a majority of Americans into finally capitulating as they become servants of the state.  The long march down the road to serfdom is not a single road.  It appears to be winding through Washington, our state capitals AND county courthouses like Salisbury and Centreville.

I know.  I’m just simplistic and paranoid.

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