OJ Finally Going To Prison

Bar none, today will forever be remembered as a good day for jurisprudence. This afternoon, Nevada Judge Jackie Glass sentenced OJ Simpson to 9-33 years in prison for kidnapping and armed robbery. I cheer the fact that OJ Simpson may never roam our streets again. Still, I cannot help but feel that he should have never been allowed to commit this crime in the first place.

Despite the finding of a Los Angeles jury, OJ Simpson should have already been sentenced to death for the murders of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. In other words, the September 17, 2007 kidnapping and armed robbery could have been averted if Simpson weren’t allowed to get away these earlier killings. Make no mistake, through their actions back in 1995, Judge Lance Ito and the shameless twelve in Los Angeles enabled OJ Simpson to perpetrate his latest crime.

Hopefully, OJ Simpson dies in prison. Clearly, he’s a violent and dangerous individual, who is unfit to function in a civilized society.

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