NY Tax Proposals

You might protest New Yorkers, but you can’t say Gov. Patterson is not creative.Among the items that would be taxed are:

Movie tickets, taxi rides, soda, beer, wine, cigars and massages would be taxed under Paterson’s proposal. It also extends sales taxes to cable and satellite TV services and removes the tax exemption for clothes costing less than $110.

But for iPod owners, this one is going to hurt:

Gov. Paterson’s proposed $121 billion budget hits New Yorkers in their iPods – and nickels-and-dimes them in lots of other places, too.

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Trying to close a $15.4 billion budget gap, Paterson called for 88 new fees and a host of other taxes, including an “iPod tax” that taxes the sale of downloaded music and other “digitally delivered entertainment services.”

New York is facing a $15 billion budget shortfall and Patterson’s budget is harsh in many ways. But here is one thing that sounds like it will help, state employee layoffs. So how many state employees are losing their jobs–521–that is all.

For comparison, Montgomery County Maryland Schools Superintendent proposed laying off 280 employees that would save the county some $38 million dollars. By my math, assuming salaries are roughly equivalent, New York will save about $72-73 million with that move. Not exactly getting the payroll down Mr. Governor.

Anyone have the odds that Governor MOM and the pickpockets in the Maryland General Assembly won’t be following Paterson’s lead?

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