Mont. Co. Schools Give Up One Raise

Montgomery County school employees have agreed to give up a 5 percent raise in light of the economic conditions. But lest you think that this is a huge concession, as of right now, school employees will still get their Cost of Living Adjustments and their “step” raises that are tied to increase in seniority.

While I applaud their willingness to work with the School Board and County Council to reduce the half a billion dollar budget shortfall in Montgomery County, the unions want a quid pro quo, i.e. that the County Council won’t take a bigger bite out of the schools.

The promise of Isiah Legget not to exceed the property tax limit again is looking like one that will be broken again, because there won’t be any money from Governor MOM.

Everyone is taking a hit in the current budget environment and yes, the school unions should share the burden. But make no mistake, most school budgets are fairly bloated to begin with as evidenced by this little bit:

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Weast will propose eliminating 280 jobs, for a further savings of $38 million. Weast said the positions will come from central administration and from schools, but not classrooms.

So, 280 jobs saving $38 million comes to $135,714 per job in savings. That is a lot of money per job. Now I know not all of that is salary, as there are benefits savings, infrastructure, phones, equipment, etc. being saved as well. But still that is a large amount of money being saved for one job. Could more be found?

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