Michael Steele Takes Questions

In his quest to become RNC chair, former lieutenant governor Michael Steele took questions from CNS’s Penny Starr.

Take the time to read it.

Steele takes solidly conservative positions and takes steps to address his unsightly waffling on the subject of abortion on Meet the Press in October 2006. His dwelling on “stare decisis” I still find troubling because if he truly believes Roe was wrongly decided

My personal view is Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided,

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it seems rather counterintuitive to grant deference to an utter dog’s breakfast of faux science and judicial overreach.

His objection to No Child Left Behind seems to be nearly a toss off. I think the whole “teaching the test” critique is simply ludicrous. The current Maryland test does a good job of representing the standards of learning desired and, at least for me, it is hard to understand what teachers should be teaching if not the subject material emphasized in those standards. I say that as a father of three children who are currently in Maryland Public Schools. There are arguably good reasons to not support a law that is obviously working but Mr. Steele doesn’t articulate them.

While I’m more comforted by this interview than I have been by Mr. Steele’s answers to these questions over time, I’m still underwhelmed by his candidacy for RNC chairman.

We have a golden opportunity in the next two years to begin a return to our majority status. To do that we will have to raise money by the boatload, recruit strong candidates, and rebuild our grassroots organization. I’m just not sure that Mr. Steele, for all his strengths, is the man to do taht.

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