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Let’s Pay More for Electricity … Because We’re “Fair”

Yet another move of the Martin O’Malley administration to curry favor with core Democrat constituencies.  That’s the message from the Maryland Public Service Commission.

The PSC wants Maryland utilities to agree to a goal of doling out 25% of their contracts to minority contractors.  This is also the goal the O’Malley administration uses for state contracts.

I am absolutely in favor of companies seeking out minority contractors.  However, the goal should be to provide electricity, gas, telephone service, etc. to customers at the LOWEST COST; not providing cushy contracts to members of various discriminated classes.  Ditto for state contracts.

While Martin and his fellow tin cup governors are seeking a bailout from the Messiah, he also wants you to subsidize his re-election campaign.  It’s just another day in the Not So Free State.

h/t – Duck Duck Goose

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