Ken Blackwell Surging in RNC Chair Race

While a latecomer to the race, Ken Blackwell appears to be making up for lost time.  Texas chair Tina Benkiser has formed a ticket with Blackwell to run for co-chair.  Benkiser’s endorsement should give Blackwell a large boost with social conservatives.  In addition, Blackwell has also been publicly endorsed by RNC members Ross Little and Ruth Ulrich (both of Louisiana).

These endorsements, coupled with the active support of former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes, move Blackwell into the first tier of candidates.  Virginia Virtucon reports that some believe Blackwell has moved to frontrunner status.

I don’t know if I’m ready to agree with that yet.  Current chair Mike Duncan may still have the inside hand.  There is also no question that Michael Steele has a fair amount of public support, if not RNC votes.  As I’ve stated before, I’m a huge fan of Blackwell.  If Michigan chair Saul Anuzis wasn’t in the race, I’d probably be 100% behind Blackwell already.  The great thing about this is that we are fortunate to have some really great candidates running for the post.

Typically, we could all lie back and not worry.  Who cares who chairs the RNC anyway?  WRONG!  This race could well dictate the near and medium term future of the GOP.  Haley Barbour’s leadership should never be underestimated.  Remember how far we went under his chairmanship?

Anuzis and Blackwell both posses the conservative credentials to lead the GOP to victory.  In addition, this has been a civil race among ALL of the candidates to date.  Election of a strong, idea-driven, conservative chair could spell a bright future for the GOP.

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