Good Marks

–Richard E. Vatz

Well, Mark, notwithstanding your gratuitous attack on my erstwhile, middle-aged intellectual brunette predilections, I have been listening for over an hour, and it is a wonderfully interesting show.

So I can communicate firmly that Mark and I are not turning Red Maryland into personal e-mail exchanges, let me just apprise my conservative compatriots that I have an op-ed piece I am told will be coming out shortly in The Washington Times.

Happy New Year to all good consumers of this blog, and let’s hope in 2009 that Maryland does not continue to be the late Murray Edelman’s* “quiescent public,” accepting corruption in its city leaders, a lack of investigation in such corruption, and Maryland state government’s destructive hyper-taxation policies.

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Richard E. Vatz is professor of rhetoric and communication at Towson University


*Edelman’s POLITICS AS SYMBOLIC ACTION has an introductory chapter that is one of the best treatises on rhetoric that has ever been written.

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