Kratovil Joins Team Obama …

… Where’s the “Independence” Frank?

While Frank Kratovil is mailing GOP, moderate Democrat and independent households telling them that he”s “Independent” and a “Tough Prosecutor”, this is what’s being distributed to heavily Democrat, primarily African-American neighborhoods on the Lower Shore:


Frank Kratovil has signed up for TEAM OBAMA!  Was there ever any doubt?

Kratovil has publicly endorsed Obama’s “tax plan” which isn’t tax cuts as much as it is taking from those that pay taxes and redistributing it to those that don’t.

Kratovil promises “Universal Health Care” – a nice euphemism for health care rationing and a government takeover of another 13+% of the nations GDP.

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Kratovil promises to end “Big Oil’s Free Ride” – another leftist euphemism for confiscating the profits of corporations which employ hundreds of thousands of Americans.  If you thought $4.00 / gallon gas was tough, wait until it rises from its current, relatively low levels to $6, or $8, per gallon.

I have to give Frank and his masters at the DCCC credit.  While he’s been telling the majority of us that he’s a “Tough Prosecutor” – while taking money from the attorney of a child molester who is now free to attack our children again – Kratovil is finally starting to tell the truth (if only to a portion of voters).

Frank Kratovil –

Part of Team Obama
Pledged to do the bidding of Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Barney Frank

Where’s the INDEPENDENCE Frank?

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