Hang in there, we will get there

I began to blog soon after the 2006 elections when the GOP had a terrible day both nationally and here in Maryland. For two years, we have been talking about branding (don’t tell Michele Malkin I used that word) and where the party needs to go looking forward.

I think there were few illusions that 2008 was going to be another tough year. The national Republican party had not hit bottom and while the new Democratic Congress was racking up historically low approval ratings, George Bush was leading the party fast onto the shoals of American politics. Fair or not, too many Americans blamed the current difficulties our country is facing on a Republican President and to some extent all things Republican.

Only now can that begin to change in earnest.

There is plenty of evidence, however, that the nation has not taken a hard turn to the left or that any sort of liberal establishment in Washington can long endure. More voters still identify themselves as conservative than liberal. Traditional values like marriage still hold tremendous sway even in such liberal bastions as California.This is 1992 all over again.

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Luckily, Republicans do not face the centrist control of a reasonable majority party intent on solving America’s challenges. We face the democrats. They will overreach almost immediately with cardcheck, fairness doctrine, tax increases, etc.

The Obama camp claims they studied the first two Clinton years that led to the first GOP Congress in 40 years. If that is true, then they see the light in the tunnel and know it is a runaway train. I have every confidence in the Democrats lack of self-restraint and reasonable tendencies. They cannot help themselves. They will try to blow it as they have before.

Which means that conservatives and Republicans will have opportunities. Taxes on small business owners will generate resources and enthusiasm for pro-business Republican policies. The reality of tax increases, rather than cuts, for many Americans (ever get that Clinton tax cut?) will spoil them quickly. An all out assault on traditional values through the courts, conservative talk radio through the fairness doctrine and greater efforts to nationalize more and more of the economy will rally and energize the conservative base and the true leaders who can effectively articulate our message.

After 1992, we did not become more moderate. We did not deny the Reagan model for success. We did not abandon principle for “bipartisanship”. We recommitted ourselves to fundamental principles, outlined them in the Contract for America, zealously fought higher taxes, nationalized health care and Congressional corruption. Our party became advocates for a conservative vision of America. Our reward was control of Congress then the White House.

We know what works. We know what is right. Let us learn from history and be that party that reshaped American based on timeless principles. Let us support, elect and insist upon leaders who share our values and are willing to fight for them not only on the campaign trail but in office.

In the meantime, we will be discussing all of this here and on the Conservative Refuge Podcast.

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